Panforte Lo Zenzero
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Panforte Lo Zenzero


The Daddy of Panforte

Introducing our award winning Panforte Lo Zenzero 'the ginger one'

This powerful Panforte is a celebration of spicy ginger, zingy lime, juicy citrus fruits, crunchy almonds & pistachios. Think 'Moscow Mule'....this Panforte has a wonderful kick of Black Cow Vodka too!

Black Cow Vodka is the world's finest pure milk vodka, made in a West Dorset dairy entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows & nothing else. Exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character & the perfect partner to Lo Zenzero.

Fantastic with a good strong coffee, un-beatable with an ice cold shot of Black Cow Vodka!

Freshly made to order, everything is produced by hand... no blenders, no pre-mixes, no preservatives or colourings - just premium quality, 100% natural ingredients, authentically prepared with love in our West London kitchen. 

Wrapped ,as standard, in quality black paper with gold ribbon, why not gift box it to make it an extra special present?

Available in three perfect sizes

Normale... brilliant for a picnic or for a small dinner party
Grande... something wonderful for the weekend
Massimo... a huge treat to share with family & friends

All our Panforte last for at least 6 months in a cool dry place. Suitable for Vegetarians. Contains nuts.