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Il Doppio


Simply choose any two Panforte flavours from the drop-down selections above

The Double

Il Doppio is our double mixed bundle.
If you're anything like us and can't decide which of our Panforte you like best, then have two. Simple!
Il Doppio is a great way to enjoy our 100% natural, 100% delicious Panforte. 

Perfect for dinner parties, as gifts for the in-laws or even a yummy christmas treat.


The Nonna of all Panforte's, the Margherita is a wonderful mix of fruits nuts and spices. Fragrant, light and stuffed full of citrus candid peel...this Panforte rocks. Our traditional Panforte Margherita is prepared using our very own Nonna Giusti's recipe, dating back over 100 years ... I've added a special London twist of my own, I promise it's good for you.

Il Fico

Il Fico is amazing. And we really mean it. It's delicious. It's rammed with rich figs, ginger, cardamon, pistachio nuts and spices. We're yet to find anyone who doesn't lust after this Panforte. It's as perfect with hams and cheeses as it is with Vin Santo (Italian dessert wine) and after-dinner treats. 

La Fragola

An exceptional combination of extraordinary ingredients. Juicy deep sweetness of strawberry is beautifully matched with a gentle sour-kick of lush red cherries & cranberries. Natural earthy hints of rosemary & basil compliment a savoury crunch of almonds & pistachios, perfectly finished with a delightful sprinkle of intense strawberry dust. It's like Spring & Summer all at once, perfect with a crisp, cold glass of Prosecco.


Tangy Sicilian oranges, rich dark chocolate, crunchy pecans & almonds make this panforte irresistible. A delicious, decadent after dinner treat! So naughty & so unbelievably nice....

* Panforte L'Arancia are made without Gluten

Lo Zenzero

We are very proud of Lo Zenzero 'the ginger one’. This powerful Panforte is a celebration of spicy ginger, zingy lime, juicy citrus fruits, crunchy almonds & pistachios. Think 'Moscow Mule'....this Panforte has a wonderful kick of Black Cow Vodka too!  Fantastic with a good strong coffee, un-beatable with an ice cold shot of Black Cow Vodka.


Our newest edition to the range, L'Ambra, the amber one, is a celebration of juicy apricots, crunchy roasted pecans & almonds, rum soaked giant raisins & a generous pinch of fennel seeds. Delicious with a good strong cuppa, fantastic with a tot of dark rum!


In the box:

2 x Normale size (400g) Panforte. 

(Please note that this bundle is only available in our Normale size Panforte, if you would like to order the Grande or Massimo sizes, then please select them separately and add them to your cart.)

100% natural, 100% delicious

Freshly made to order, everything is produced by hand... no blenders, no pre-mixes, no preservatives or colourings - just premium quality, 100% natural ingredients, authentically prepared with love in our West London kitchen.
Our Panforte last for at least 6 months in a cool dry place. Suitable for Vegetarians. Contains nuts. The  L'Arancia are free from gluten. If you'd like more details on our ingredients please click here

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