Here you'll find some answers to a range of questions we often get asked, including things like ways to serve Cantini Panforte, how long it keeps for, our shipping policies, our ingredients, and more. If you have any questions we haven't been able to answer here, then please don't hesitate to let us know by using the Contact Us page, and we'll get right back to you.
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How & when should I eat Cantini Panforte?

Panforte is a traditional Tuscan treat from Siena (Italy). Chopped into bite size chunks, it’s eaten throughout the year as a delightful and delicious finish to a lovely meal or as a simple treat all on it’s own.
Whilst our Panforte go particularly well with a glass of Prosecco or dessert wine they equally compliment a good cup of coffee for a daytime treat.
We are always excited to hear how and where our customers are eating their Cantini Panforte… from the beaches in Mauritius to the Mountains of the Swiss Alps, there’s no wrong way to eat Panforte. 
Our personal recommendations are: 
Il Fico is great with a good cheese board and cold hams
La Fragola is wonderful with a glass of Prosecco
Margherita is sumptuous at any time of day, especially after dinner
Choco-Date is superb with a cup of good coffee or tea
L'Arancia is perfect with a glass of something yummy after dinner
Lo Zenzero is fantastic with a shot of ice cold vodka
L'Ambra is delicious with a strong cuppa or even a tipple of dark rum

How do you make Cantini Panforte?

The simple answer is 100% by-hand and with love.
First we create a ‘dry-mix’ where we bring together (by hand) all the spices, hand chopped dried fruits and nuts. To that we add warmed acacia honey and a little un-refined golden caster sugar and hand-mix it all together. This is an extremely important and delicate part of the process and is a trademark to how we get such a wonderful texture and flavour. This mix takes a lot of time & effort to prepare, but once we are happy with it we place it in a moderate oven, lined with rice-paper, and bake it for 20- 30mins. Once cooked, we then let them settle for at least 24hrs before further preparing them for topping, wrapping and sending them straight out to your door.

How long does Cantini Panforte keep for?

Our Panforte are made solely of fruits, nuts, spices, and natural ingredients with no added fats, dairy or eggs. Not only does this make them delicious, but it also means they keep perfectly for at least 6 months. So you can keep a few in the cupboard ready for that last minute dinner party gift or birthday present! 

Can I store my Panforte once I've opened it?

Yes. Once cut into, as long as you keep your Panforte in an airtight container, wrapped in clingfilm, in a cool, dry place it should last you for at least 6 months after it’s been opened.

Will my kids like it?

You bet! In fact we sell more Panforte to Mum’s than anyone else. They love our Panforte and so do their kids. It’s a superb ‘natural’ alternative to the processed synthetic snacks so why not pop a piece of panforte in their lunchbox today?

What is the texture of Cantini Panforte?

Soft, dense, sumptuous and delicious, with a fantastic crunch from the almonds and pistachio’s. It's a wonderful rich and delicious mix that brings out the chopped fruits, nuts, spices and flavours in a truly moorish way. 100% delicious, 100% addictive.

Where can I taste or buy Cantini Panforte?

Our main store is our website where we sell direct to our customers. We can also be found at a number of Fine Foods Markets - The Food Market Chiswick, and The Fine Food Market Acton, follow us on our BlogFacebook or Instagram to be the first to get updates and our latest news.
We are also stocked at The Crucial Cafe at The Hogarth Health Club and Hammonds Delicatessen. We're always looking to expand our partners, so if you'd like to talk to us about stocking our Panforte, then please email us at team@cantini.co.uk
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Do all Cantini Panforte contain nuts?

Yes. Panforte always contains lots of delicious nuts. Each Panforte has it's own specific mix, but the nuts we use are whole Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans & Pistachio’s. Please check our ingredients page for more specific information.
Nuts & 100% Natural Ingredients

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We work with a number of trusted wholesalers, manufacturers and producers based in the UK, Sicily & across Europe. Our ingredients are all ethically sourced & our suppliers are some of most respected natural food distributors in the world. 

Who makes Cantini Panforte?

All Cantini Panforte are prepared, mixed, cooked, cooled, dressed & wrapped in our West London kitchen by our small committed Cantini team.

Are Cantini Panforte Vegan-friendly?

Cantini Panforte is a vegetarian product. It contains no eggs or dairy products but it does contain acacia honey. 

Are Cantini Panforte free from Gluten?

Our Choco-Date Panforte and our L'Arancia Panforte are 100% Free from Gluten, all our other Panforte are very low in Gluten (they contain less than 25g of Flour per 400g)

Are Cantini Panforte Dairy-Free?

Yes, none of our Panforte contain any diary products.

Are Cantini Panforte Egg-Free?

Yes, none of our Panforte contain any egg products.

Are Cantini Panforte suitable for a Kosher diet?

Cantini Panforte are not formally certified 'Beth Din', but our ingredients and processes are entirely in-line with the requirements of a typical Kosher diet. 

Are your ingredients GM-Free?

Yes, all our suppliers a certified distributors of GM-Free produce.

Is there any sugar in your Panforte?

Yes. The dried fruits do almost all the work in making our Panforte 100% delicious, but in order to allow the Panforte mix to set into a cake during the baking process we use some acacia honey and unrefined golden caster sugar. This also helps give your Panforte the beautiful soft texture it is famous for.

I’m Lactose-intolerant, can I eat Cantini Panforte?

Yes. None of our Panforte contain any Milk or Dairy products.

How many people does your Normale size Panforte serve?

That depends on how hungry they are, but we suggest that our Normale size (12cm x 4cm @ 400g) is perfect for 4-6 people to share.

When will I receive my Panforte order?

Depending on the Delivery option you select at checkout you should receive your Cantini Panforte either the Next Day (via Special Delivery), within 1-2 days (via First Class) or within 3-5 days (via Standard Delivery). We email you immediately after you have placed an order with a detailed receipt and then again when your Panforte has been dispatched. Our shipping is handled by the Royal Mail and they have an extremely reliable service, (but there isn't yet a tracking service). If you are local to Chiswick, in West London, then it may be possible to hand-deliver direct to you - please send us a note with your order number and we'll be happy to assist.

Will they arrive ok in the post?

Yes. Our Panforte travels perfectly. We have never had any of our Panforte perish or be damaged in any way during shipping. They are packed with great care and should arrive in perfect condition.
Postage & Packaging

What size are Cantini Panforte?

Our Panforte come in 3 sizes: Normale, Grande & Massimo.
Our Normale is 12cm x 4cm and weighs 400g, the Grande 15cm x 4cm and weighs 800g, the Massimo is 20cm x 4cm and weighs 1600g

I’m a journalist, do you have a press-pack?

Yes. Please email team@cantini.co.uk and we’ll send you a copy.

Can I leave feedback?

Yes. Please do. You can use either our Contact Us form on our website or our Customer Reviews widget on each Panforte page - where many of our customers share their experience and thoughts on our Panforte. Please feel free to get involved and tell us what you think.
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