Team Cantini

Hi, I'm Lara Giusti, the Founder, Head Chef & chief bottle washer here at Cantini.
I'm passionate about fantastic home cooking & I'd love to share a slice of my delicious hand made Panforte with you. Our Cantini recipes originate from Tuscany & are heavily influenced by those of our Giusti family ancestors. 
Each Panforte is made fresh to order & everything is produced by hand. 
No blenders, no pre-mixes, no preservatives or colourings just excellent quality, 100% natural ingredients authentically prepared with love in our West London kitchen.

My story

 I must admit I haven't always been a Giusti but in 2003 I was lucky enough to marry into a wonderful Italian family... The Giusti's from Tuscany. 

In Italy, the Nonna (grandmother) is the cherished & often revered matriarch of the family.
When I met my new Nonna it became very clear that there are two things that are quintessential when taking on an Italian surname...
The first is to produce bellissimo bambinos and the second is to learn how to cook like a Nonna.
Luckily I had been practicing for the bambinos for a while but the cooking
took me a little longer to master!


- Raolo & Nini Giusti (Nonna) -

Why Panforte?

 I had my first real taste of fresh Panforte on my honeymoon in Italy. Three nights in the beautiful city of Siena got me totally hooked but finding delicious Panforte back in England proved very difficult. 
My only option was to make it myself. Traditional Italian Panforte recipes are notoriously highly guarded family secrets so, lovingly, I've spent the past ten years researching, translating & recreating our very own ancient Giusti family recipe.
100% natural & 100% addictive.
It's delicious. Try it, I guarantee you'll get hooked too! 

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- Siena, Italy -